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Editorial coverage of the latest weeks

Dear NOVA community,

In the middle of an emergency, managers across all sectors are stepping up their efforts. And the business community can play a large role in proposing policies and solutions.

For this reason, in the coming weeks we’ll begin sharing some helpful resources on how to get involved – and key opinion pieces you might have missed on the matter. Today, we are delighted to share with you a first selection of relevant editorial coverage from the last few weeks.

In case you have missed these articles, you can find below the links to the most interesting (and controversial) perspectives from global ‘thoughts leaders’ on the Covid19 emergency, carefully selected by our team.

Hope you will enjoy the read:

  • A perspective from the former President of the European Central Bank – Read here to know more about the economic cost of CoVid19 and which actions are required – Mario Draghi
  • A perspective from a leading Business School – Read here if you are wondering what other countries should learn from the Italian experience with CoVid19 – Gary P. Pisano, Raffaella Sadun and Michele Zanini
  • A perspective from one of the most powerful Business Magnates – Read here what Bill Gates would do in the shoes of the American President – Catherine Clifford
  • Two perspectives from an Italian top Manager and MIT alumn – Read here and here to deep dive on the impact of different scenarios to handle CoVid19 – Giovanni Cagnoli
  • A perspective from one of the most recognized historian and philosopher of our times – Read here to reflect on the need for citizen empowerment and global solidarity – Yuval Noah Harari
  • A perspective from an economist and HBS alumna on how to respond to the crisis – Read here for a policy proposal following Mario Draghi’s article – Carlotta De Franceschi
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