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About us

NOVA-MBA is a nonprofit organization founded in 2001 in the United States. The association brings together over 2,000 MBA students and alumni from the top business schools around the world. NOVA supports young talents through mentorship, recruiting and financial support, promotes meritocracy and managerialization, and creates a strong, highly valuable network of successful executives, entrepreneurs and professionals.

NOVA has contributed to a number of programs, including the establishment of merit scholarships and subsidized student loan programs, to the adoption of legislation to counter the Italian brain drain and incentivize MBAs to come back to their home country, and continues to promote conferences and other events gathering prominent opinion makers and business leaders.

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Why join NOVA

You should register and join because through NOVA you can:

  1. Stay connected with our MBA community
  2. Be visible to recruiters and/or search for a job
  3. Connect with old and new friends 
  4. Support new applicants fulfil their dream


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