Ubaldo Messia


Senior corporate attorney and Partner at Deloitte with 20+ years of experience (10 in New York) recognized for successfully leading multiple cross-border projects and with an extensive experience in private and public M&A, Italian capital markets regulation, strategic partnerships and alliances, negotiation/deal structure. 

Master degrees in US (MBA, NYU 2014) and UK (Magister Juris, LLM Oxford University, 2001) 

He has served NOVA as Secretary since 2019 and contributed to the foundation of Fondazione NOVA serving as board member since 2020. 

Routinely involved in NOVA activities he has attended all conferences since 2012 and has actively supported the 2019-2023 conferences sourcing Sponsors (Deloitte, Quintessentially, Studio Vanzetta, Studio Trimarchi, Reinhardt LLP) and contacting speakers.