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Financing an MBA

An MBA is an important investment and, as such, deserves a careful analysis of the expected finances needed for all the costs incurred during the period: tuition fees, housing and living expenses, travels, etc. If you haven’t already made a financial plan for your MBA and will need to seek financing for it, it is worth spending some time putting down one. When considering the full cost of an MBA, you should also take into account the various potential sources of revenues (like internship or part-time jobs for instance) as well as scholarships offered by the school or other institutions.

The number of scholarships opportunities and the ease of accessing financing vary from school to school and sometimes also by Country. Usually, business schools offer hints on a range of scholarships and loans programs and have a website page dedicated to it. Here below is a list of some of them.

There are few Italian and US institutions helping MBA students with specific loans. Among them:

  1. Fulbright Commission: website (deadline 9/12/2016)
  2. Banca Sella Prestito d’Onore: website
  3. Fondo Studenti Italiani: website.


Following the growth of peer-to-peer lending worldwide, some institutions have started offering loans to MBA students. The key organizations active in this space are:

  1. Prodigy Finance: website.
  2. SoFi: website


Some NOVA Alumni are constituting a peer-2-peer lending club where we’ll jointly invest and support students willing to pursue an MBA. We’ll have more detailed information soon but you can drop us an email and we’ll be in touch soon. Key information you want to add in your email: 
1. current resume
2. full application to your b-school
3. acceptance letter 
4. references for our due diligence
5. a note on the proposed structure (do you homework! loan vs. equity vs. grant | Italian vs. foreign jurisdiction) 

If you are a NOVA Alumnus you can sign up here for the p2p mailing list