Conference 2020 – Nova MBA

Conference 2020


Save the Date: October 17, 2020 – 16.00 CET (10.00am EST)
Location: online streaming event
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NOVA has historically been a messenger of a way of doing business based on meritocracy, innovation, top class education and values, as learned in the best Business School campuses. The yearly NOVA Conference has always been a moment to meet and reflect on the status of the Italian system. The conferences always bring together top statesmen & CEOs with MBA students and alumni.


Leading with Courage in Unprecedented Times

We are living in a world of rapid transformation where challenges are constantly becoming more complex and new forces can transform the competitive paradigm at impressive speed, accelerating technological, social and political changes.

In this scenario, political systems, countries, companies but also each and everyone of us as professionals and business leaders need to manage carefully the balance between knowledge based decision making and openness to innovation. Decision making for policy makers and business leaders need to be constantly fed by on one side a solid base of experience, competence, education, know-how and – on the other side – by a drive for disruption and the courage of innovation. Managing this balance that sometimes can be seen as a dilemma or trade off but is actually a responsibility to ensure that value is maximized in a sustainable way for all stakeholders, is the cornerstone of any competitive challenge both in the short and in the long run.

The conference intends to propose a reflection and a discussion on this theme through the experiences and the real life stories of speakers and contributors.


Responsible Leadership in Times of Transformation
Vittorio Colao, Paul Polman

Fondazione NOVA: A New Beginning
Tommaso Stefani, Francesco Tronci, Stefania Boroli, Dimitrios Tzivelis

Lighting up the future: the new frontiers of energy
Marco Alverà, Francesco Venturini, Toni Volpe, with Dante Roscini as moderator

Rethinking our world through digital innovation
Silvia Candiani, Roberto Cingolani, Diego Piacentini, with Raffaella Sadun as moderator


Marco Alverà
Chief Executive Officer
Silvia Candiani
Chief Executive Officer
at Microsoft Italy
Roberto Cingolani
Chief Tech&Innovation Officer
at Leonardo
Vittorio Colao
Vice-Chairman Europe
at General Atlantic
Diego Piacentini
Investor and Advisor
Paul Polman
Co-founder & Chair
at Imagine
Francesco Venturini
Chief Executive Officer
at Enel X
Toni Volpe
Chief Executive Officer at
Falck Renewables
Dante Roscini (moderator)
at Harvard Business School
Raffaella Sadun (moderator)
at Harvard Business School


Founding Partner
Fondazione NOVA