Conference 2015 – Nova MBA

The Great Beauty: how excellence wins globally

The XV NOVA Conference “The Great Beauty: how excellence wins globally” aims at setting the ground for a transformation journey to revive the Italian role in the international arena. The main topics addressed are the importance for Italian companies to invest in continuous managerial education and the importance of supporting Italian excellences in their international growth. More information here.


Conversation: “Can Italian excellence win globally in high-tech?”
Giorgio Van Straten, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute
Maria Teresa Cometto, Journalist
Alessandro Piol, Co-founder of AlphaPrime Ventures
Brian Pallas, Founder of Opportunity Network

Panel 1: Human Capital
Francesco Barosi, Managing Director at Alix Partners, High-Tech practice
Fernando Napolitano, Founder and CEO at Italian Business & Investment Initiative
Michael Nowlis, Dean of the Center for Corporate and Professional Education (CCPE) at the Stevens Institute of Technology
Giovanni Pieraccioni, EVP, Global President Consumer Products at Revlon

Fireside chat
Domenico Siniscalco, Vice Chairman at Morgan Stanley, former Italian Minister of Finance

Panel 2: Finance
Mariafrancesca Carli, Managing Director at BDT & Company
Claudio Giuliano, Founder and Managing Director at Innogest
Monica Mandelli, Managing Director at KKR
Federico Mennella, Managing Director at Lincoln International

Keynote speech
Aldo Uva, CSO at Ferrero

Panel 3: Food and Beverage
Andrea Bertoncello, Managing Director at Idea Taste of Italy
Jean-Pierre Comte, President of Barilla Americas
Nicola Farinetti, CEO at Eataly
Nicola Pianon, Senior Partner Consumer Goods at BCG
Aldo Uva, CSO at Ferrero

Panel 4: Fashion and Luxury
Fabrizio Gamberini, CEO at Marcolin USA
Paolo Riva, CEO at Diane Von Furstenberg
Gaetano Sciuto, President at Fendi Americas